I like the way you walk I like the way you talk
I like the way you smile and make me go hog wild
Im crazy bout your crazy style
I want to feel your warm embrace
And see the love look in your face
My days are happy when youre near
i wanna whisper in your ear
the things you always wanna hear
cos youre the sweetest little cutie
you are my one and only beauty
Im really mad about you baby
And its true i dont mean maybe
Im glad things happened out this way
Ive always wanted you to stay
cos you deserve what i possess
you make my mind completely messed
youre luck, youre joy and happiness
        oh baby baby baby baby
my future days looked oh so hazy
OOh, youre driving me crazy
cos youre the one that I adore
if youll be mine you wont regret
ill buy you shiny red corvette
well make a finest worlds duet
well be a couple not to forget
In classy 59 corvette x 2
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