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Invitation of Tez Tour to one of the best hotels in Bodrum (Turkey)
05 / 06 / 08
Pete and his wife Anna spent a fantastic week in Bodrum, Turkey together with Latvian Music Channel team, famous Latvian Radio 4 host Ilona Jahimovicha and popular Latvian musicians' duo Dons & Lily. 
This great trip was kindly offered and organized by International tour operator Tez Tour.
If you are also interested in this Bodrum's most beautiful, most quiet hotel with beautiful turquoise lagun in front of your room and... believe it or not - WITHOUT ANY DISCO SHIT MUSIC AROUND, drop a line to: pete@pete-anderson.com!

Then ask for a good price from Tez Tour & enjoy:)!!!

"Brass-A-Billy" CD release party!
15 / 04 / 08
On April 15 at 2.00 p.m. at the shopping mall "Origo" in the main hall of Riga Railway Station the joyful presentation of Pete's latest CD "Brass-A-Billy" will take place!
Live performance of the whole band including horns, funniest Latvia's MC Andris "Fredis" Freidenfelds, jive dance contest, lottery, lots of jokes and happy timing! 
Guys & gals, cats & chicks!
Y'all welcome!!!
Come on over & have rockin' fun!!!

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