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3rd International Rock’n’roll Festival in Latvia has taken place!
01 / 05 / 07
First we have to apologize to all visitors of the web-site for the late rendering of information! – the festival was a great success!  
Di Maggio Brothers from Italy became indisputed favourites of the festival – Marco, who knocked the listeners off their feet with his virtuoso guitar-playing, charming Massimo with his mellow voice that attracted attention of the fair sex, and, of course, mischevious master of the flirt Matteo who showed how to slap on the double-bass in the proper way! Drummer Marco demonstrated the classic school (with a specific style of the left hand) and proved that he hadn’t been invited to Riga for nothing (Di Maggio Brothers are playing as a trio as well), rhythm section was playing deliciously and held the red-hot beat in a highly professional way! Latvian listeners as well as those ones, who had come to Riga for the festival from abroad, highly appreciated one of the best rockabilly bands in the world of these days, and witnessed that real rockabilly music is not only outstanding playing on the instruments but also an ideal voice range!   

Singer Flo from the UK charmed the listeners with her gutsy vocal, not to mention the impact of her beautiful curves!  
More dance-like music of The Refreshments was a perfect finishing touch for the evening and was as if made for the pairs on the dance-floor who appreciated it very much! Unfortunately, for unknown reasons The Refreshments hadn’t brought no CDs nor videos with them. Many festival visitors were eager to purchase the original recordings of the band with their witty lyrics, many of them have been considered as hits...  
In the very beginning of the festival the stage was given to the former confrere of Pete – Seisky from the US (many has been written about him in the section “Biography”) and Pete himself with his extended band with two saxes. Songs from upcoming CD "Brassabilly" opened the festival and set the fashion with their stunning energy.    

We have to thank once again the main sponsor of the festival – Nazil Dyominov and his company Euro Auto who has been supporting it for two years in a row!

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